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Hair Transplant

Due to social and medical reasons hair transplantation has become the most requested and common aesthetic operation of the last few years. When done correctly by knowledgeable professionals, hair transplants procedures offer extremely good results; meeting even the highest standards set by our patients. We recommend this medical procedure to everyone who qualifies.

Our partner performs hair transplantation using the FUE method, with which the maximum grafts of 3500-4500 (meaning 8800-9000 hair strands) are transferred to the affected areas. The operation is completed in one day and lasts approx. 5 hours; next day there is the washing of your hair and you may from then on continue your normal lifestyle. The transplanted hair may fall out during first 3 months and new hair will then begin to grow. 40% of your hair will see growth during the first 4 months. 80% of your hair will see growth during the following 7 months, and 100% of your hair will grow after a period of one year.